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Within two steps of the sea, in the heart of the Bigouden Country, Peumerit offers you pastoral quietude. Discover its history by using the hiking trails which will lead you towards the megalithic sites of - Menhir of Plovan and Dolmen of Penquelennec and its manors and calvaries all to be found in the village outskirts of Lespurit Coat, Bremillec and Kerloazec. The church of St Annouarn is representative of the style of Bridge Cross with its XIII chancel and classified stained glass. See also the Vault of St Joseph, built in XVII, with its mural frescos painted in lime.

The commune has 750 inhabitants of rural tradition. Peumerit is also developing as a tourist location and has a good choice of lodgings which include a farm campsite with a crêperie. The commune has a great deal of cultural interest and a Zoological garden which is open to the public. Visit its heritage…

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